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10-year-old girl hospitalized following attack from neighbor’s dogs

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Authorities say a 10-year-old girl is in the hospital following an attack from a neighbor’s pack of seven dogs on Monday, reports KFOR.

The attack occurred in the 700 block of Southeast 41st Street on Monday afternoon.

The victim said she often helps return the dogs to the backyard of her neighbor’s residence when they get out. On Monday, the dogs escaped and knocked over several garbage cans before she returned them to the backyard. She was picking up some of the trash when the pack escaped again and approached her.

The dogs began barking at her before one attacked and bit her. The rest of the dogs then joined in on the attack and the girl screamed for help while being bit on the legs, face, and head.

Fortunately, a pair of nearby tree trimmers heard her cries and ran over and kicked the dogs off the victim. Tree trimmer David Marin described the bloody attack as the most difficult thing he’s ever seen.

The girl had bites and cuts on her ear, back, arms, legs, and all over her body. She was transported to a nearby hospital, where she received stitches. No further details on her condition have been provided.

Authorities say the owner later handed over the dogs to Animal Welfare officers. At this time, it is unclear whether the owner will be charged with possession of a dangerous animal.

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