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The Dangers of Improper or Delayed Treatment

When you seek medical attention for an injury or an illness, you expect your physician to treat you with the utmost consideration and care. All you want is to be diagnosed and treated as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get back to living your life. Unfortunately, this idealized version of events is not always the case. Doctors are not safe from human error and it is not as uncommon as you would think that they make a mistake in their practice. Misdiagnosis is a mistake doctors make that can have extreme consequences for the patient. When a doctor fails to diagnosis a patient correctly, the patient may receive treatment for the wrong injury or illness or receive no treatment at all. Improper or delayed treatment in itself can lead to disaster for a suffering patient.

If you have suffered from delayed or improper treatment, you could be entitled to financial compensation. It is a physician’s duty to make sure their patients are treated to the best of their ability. By enhancing your suffering with inadequate treatment, the doctor has engaged in medical malpractice and needs to be held accountable. The attorneys of the Abel Law Firm have seen what improper or delayed treatment can do to a person, and we do not wish that pain on anyone. You should not have had to suffer because of the doctor’s mistake, but you do not have to continue to suffer alone. Our attorneys are dedicated to representing medical malpractice victims and fighting for justice in the courtroom.

Consequences of Improper or Delayed Treatment

Treatment for the wrong illness and untimely treatment following a diagnosis can have devastating effects on your overall health and well-being. Specifically, some of the consequences for improper or delayed treatment include the following:

  • Unnecessary medical expenses
  • Prolonged suffering
  • Worsened condition
  • Additional injury or illness
  • Infection
  • Death

If you have suffered from improper or delayed treatment, you may be able to recover damages for physical pain, mental or emotional anguish, expensive medical bills, loss of income due to time away from work, and more.

Contact an Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney

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