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DUI Driver Makes Bail; Victims’ Family Outraged

The family of a man who was killed in a car crash say they are shocked that the man responsible for the accident has been released on bail.

Darby Minor’s 5 year-old grandson Adam Stutts was killed when he was a passenger in a vehicle with his 3 year-old sister Avery that was struck by a pickup truck from the rear. Avery was seriously injured in the crash.

Police say 60 year-old James Opp was driving the pickup truck involved in the crash. Opp has been charged with first-degree manslaughter. He paid $20,500 bail and was released from jail on Saturday.

Minor said she understands the manslaughter charge (it was originally a murder charge), but the family did not expect Opp to get bail. “We had confidence that he had enough of a record behind him and he had broken bond before and I didn’t even consider that they’d let him out,” Minor said. “It’s shocking to us, it’s hurtful and I think it will be to the community too… it’s just wrong that he’s out on the street and we want him behind bars.”

Opp admitted to drinking moonshine and taking Xanax before the crash.

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