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Lawsuit Filed Over CA Dollar Tree Slip and Fall Accident

A woman in California has filed a slip and fall lawsuit against her local Dollar Tree.

According to Harris County District Court documents, Natasha Pipes filed a lawsuit on July 26 against Dollar Tree Stores, citing negligence. Pipes says that on May 5, 2010, she slipped and fell on glue that had been carelessly left on the floor of the Pasadena Dollar Tree store, located at 6800 Spencer Highway.

According to the lawsuit, Pipes was shopping at the store when the incident occurred. She claims she suffered injuries to her leg, foot, and lower back in the fall. The lawsuit contends that store employees knew of the spilled glue and failed to mark off the area or clean up the spill in a timely fashion.

Pipes is seeking damages of at least $50,000, plus attorneys fees and court costs.

Dollar Tree Stores officials declined to comment on the case.

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