OKC apartment complex fire caused by overloaded extension cord

Posted on Thursday, December 10th, 2020 at 7:33 pm    

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Oklahoma City firefighters determined that last Thursday’s apartment complex fire was caused by an overloaded extension cord, reports KFOR.

Officials say firefighters responded to the apartment fire in the 5700 block of NW 16th Street. When they arrived, they found a downstairs apartment ablaze, with flames coming from the window. After quickly extinguishing the fire, firefighters determined that an overloaded extension cord was the source of the conflagration.

The Oklahoma City fire department warned: “From a simple candle being inadvertently knocked over to a space heater being placed too close to a couch; from ignoring the frying pan to improperly disposing of cigarettes- small acts can lead to huge consequences! A simple extension cord being overloaded resulted in damages of roughly $300,000.”

No one appears to have been injured in the fire.

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