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Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Injured on Motorcycle

On Highway 169 in Tulsa, highway patrol trooper Lieutenant Ward Oliphant was forced to lay down his motorcycle at 55 miles per hour.

While tracking down a speeder on his new high-speed Interceptor motorcycle, Oliphant was cut off by a pickup truck.  Oliphant flashed his lights and turned on his siren to try to get the truck’s attention but the driver continued to move over, forcing the highway patrol trooper to lay down his motorcycle and slide nearly 150 feet.

Oliphant suffered injuries listed by fellow trooper Matt Hughart as, “minor injuries on his arm, a little road rash, and on his legs but, luckily, the safety gear he was wearing absorbed a lot of it so his legs are going to be fine”.

Other troopers agreed that the situation could have been much worse if it weren’t for Oliphant’s protective gear, including a specially reinforced helmet, armored jacket, and kelvar padded pants.

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