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Police Released Further Details Of Moore High School Crash

More details were released regarding the collision near Moore High School, a February 10 article of Oklahoma’s News 4 reported.

The incident happened on February 3 around 3:30 PM near Moore High School’s sports complex. Sgt. Jeremy Lewis with Moore Police reported that they were able to get more details regarding the crash from cameras at several residences.

The suspect, Max Townsend, was driving his pickup truck at 78 miles per hour, faster than officials initially thought. He was driving eastbound in the westbound lane of Main Street. Then, he rear-ended a vehicle, continued onto a sidewalk, and hit the six-cross country team students. He went through a front yard, then across South Morgan Drive. Next, he struck a mailbox and smashed into a parked car, causing that vehicle to collide with another. Finally, Townsend’s vehicle came to a stop.

Two died, and three of the four who were injured have been released from the hospital. One of them remains in critical condition.

The Oklahoma wrongful death attorneys at the Abel Law Firm express their deepest thoughts and condolences to the family and friends who are mourning the loss of their loved one.

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