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Oklahoma Misdiagnosis Lawyers

The human body is an exceptionally complex machine. Most of us only have vague ideas about how our bodies actually work. We loosely know that our hearts pump blood, our digestive system creates our energy, and our muscular system enables movement. When something goes wrong with our health, we tend to have even fewer ideas about why. Physicians, on the other hand, spend years and years training to figure out the ins and outs the human body—how it works and why things go wrong. A sick individual doesn’t have to figure out the problem on their own. They rely on their doctor’s knowledge and experience to diagnose the condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

We expect our doctors to lean on their knowledge of modern medicine to identify our illnesses. The sheer amount of schooling they go through should equip them with this ability. Furthermore, doctors should be focused and careful when diagnosing each patient since an incorrect conclusion about an illness could very well be fatal. As the medical negligence lawyers at Abel Law Firm can attest, this is precisely why the law holds hospitals and doctors responsible for exercising reason and care when diagnosing patients.

Common Causes of Misdiagnosis

Some ailments can be exceptionally difficult to correctly identify. An entire group of doctors might run extensive tests, double-check their research, and still get a diagnosis wrong. If a doctor makes a conclusion after making a thorough investigation, they most likely won’t be blamed for a misdiagnosis. That being said, doctors who misdiagnose based on negligence can be held legally liable for medical malpractice. Some common causes of misdiagnosis based on negligence include:

  • Failure to order the correct tests
  • Failure to refer the patient to a specialist
  • Failure to check patient history
  • Failure to recognize obvious signs of an illness
  • Failure to order enough scans, bloodwork, or other tests

Making conclusions about a patient’s illness has long-lasting consequences. What if a patient receives the wrong treatment because they were misdiagnosed? A serious illness might go unchecked. A different problem might arise because the treatment was unnecessary.

If you are misdiagnosed, you might face high medical bills and lost wages due to time off work. Even worse, your actual condition might go untreated, resulting in a more serious illness—even death. Doctors who draw the wrong conclusions because they fail to take proper care can be required to pay you damages to financially compensate for their recklessness.

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