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Oklahoma Surgical Errors Lawyers

The lives of countless people have been improved—even saved—thanks to the miracle of modern surgical medicine. Having a coronary bypass can keep an at-risk patient from suffering a heart attack; knee replacement surgery can give a new ease of movement to those afflicted by severe arthritis; even a simple cataract removal can drastically improve an individual’s vision. However, these amazing procedures require an incredible amount of skill and knowledge to perform. Surgeries necessarily involve radical changes to your body, made by invasive tools. We expect our surgical teams to be competent, careful, and focused.

Unfortunately, every year patients are hurt when the hospital, their doctor, or a nurse behaves with negligence or recklessness during a surgery. Imagine waking up from a surgery to an entirely new set of medical problems. You might face more hospital bills, pain and suffering, and extra time away from work or school. And all because someone on your surgical team made an indefensible, careless mistake. The Oklahoma medical negligence lawyers at Abel Law Firm are proud to inform you that patients wronged in this manner do have legal options.

Common Surgical Errors

The law protects patients’ rights by holding medical professionals accountable for recklessness and negligence. If your surgical team does not treat you with reasonable care, they might have committed medical malpractice, and you could be entitled to financial compensation. This monetary recompense might be crucial as you face lost wages and hospital fees.

We have every reason to expect medical professionals will treat their patients with the utmost care. Many surgical errors are actually preventable when common sense is employed and reasonable measures are taken. For example, some of the more regular surgical errors are:

Medical professionals are legally accountable for taking the time to diligently review your information. They should also thoroughly prepare for the surgery and be focused enough during the operation to avoid careless errors. Otherwise, they might be liable for medical malpractice.

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If you or a loved one has suffered due to a preventable surgical error, you have the right to seek damages. The experienced medical negligence lawyers at Abel Law Firm understand that taking on a hospital or a doctor can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, with a skilled legal team on your side, you can confidently present your case and defend your rights. Contact us today at (405) 239-7046 to speak to a dedicated legal professional about your situation. We are ready to help you hold the negligent party accountable for their reckless mistake.

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