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Premises Liability Lawsuit Filed Over Slip and Fall Accident

A Texas woman has filed a premises liability lawsuit against a Fort Bend grocery store, claiming she sustained serious injuries while shopping.

According to Harris County District Court documents, Edilberta Gonzalez accuses Cox’s Foodarama of Houston of negligence. Gonzalez says that on July 17, 2009 she sustained serious injuries while shopping at Foodrama Store No. 21. The lawsuit claims Gonzalez slipped and fell on a liquid substance “carelessly” left on the floor.

Gonzalez is asking the court for an unspecified amount of damages, in addition to court costs.

Officials at Foodarama declined to comment on the lawsuit, saying the company had not yet reviewed the complaint.

If a slip and fall accident occurs on a property owned by another person or business, the accident victim may be eligible to take legal action under premises liability law. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, please contact the Oklahoma premises liability lawyers of the Abel Law Firm by calling 1-800-739-ABEL.

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