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Red Sox investigating possible surgical error in pitcher’s surgery

The Boston Red Sox recently announced that they are investigating their relief pitcher Bobby Jenks’s claims that a surgical error occurred during his spinal decompression surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in December. 18 days after the surgery, after experiencing leaking from his incision and serious headaches, the baseball player needed a second surgery.

According to Jenks, if he had waited to seek treatment of his post-surgical complications, he could have suffered life-threatening complications. When he went to doctors about his post-surgical complications, they found that only part of one of the 30-year-old pitcher’s bone spurs had been removed, leaving an open incision on the spine that caused spinal fluid to leak out. The leaking spinal fluid accumulated at the bottom of Jenks’s incision, which infected the incision.

At Massachusetts General Hospital, where the Red Sox usually has their players who need surgery go, Jenks and his surgeon agreed that only the top two bone spurs on his spine, out of a total four, should be removed. The bone spur that was partially removed was the third bone spur on Jenks’s spine and was not supposed to have been operated on. Jenks is currently unsure of whether or not he will be able to play this season.

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