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OKC police chase ends with collision involving squad car

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – A forgery suspect led Oklahoma City Police on a chase that ended with a collision involving a police cruiser Wednesday evening.

According to KFOR, the chase began when the suspect attempted to use a forged check in the drive-thru lane at a back within the 700 block of Southwest 43rd Street. Bank employees contacted police who located the suspect nearby and attempted to pull him over and the driver attempted to flee.

Police officers rear-ended the suspect’s vehicle in an attempt to slow them down. At this point, the driver put his vehicle in reverse and backed into the pursuing officer’s cruiser.

Officials arrested the suspect and found a toddler was in the vehicle at the time of the incident. Luckily, no injuries were sustained in the crash.

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Police chase ends in multi-vehicle collision, juvenile arrests

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK –  An Oklahoma City police pursuit ends in a collision sending four people taken to the hospital Wednesday evening.

According to KOCO, the suspects, all three of which are juveniles, were in a stolen vehicle firing pellet gun rounds at several businesses and public busses around Oklahoma City.

The suspects attempted to evade police after being spotted near Southwest 44th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The chase ended in a crash several miles away at the intersection of Southeast 29th Street and Shields Boulevard.

Police say at least four vehicles were involved in the final collision, sending four people to the hosptial including some of the suspects.

We will continue to follow this developing story and provide any further information as it is released.

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