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Drivers traveling at speeds as high as 146 mph

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Oklahoma City police spoke out Monday afternoon concerning a recent increase in unsafe speeds on Oklahoma City roads, as reported by KFOR.

Oklahoma City has turned into what the Oklahoma City Highway Patrol is calling the “Wild West.” As Covid-19 continues to keep many at home and off the roads, Oklahoma City Police have reported vehicles going at speeds over 100 mph. In one case, a motorbike was reported to be traveling 146 mph.

The Oklahoma City Police Department urges drivers to slow down and recognize the consequences for yourself and others on the road when you do not follow the speed limit.

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Ravens running back arrested for drunk driving

Bernard Pierce recently was cut from the Ravens after he was apprehended for drunk driving, koco.com reported.

On March 17, the 24-year-old running back was initially pulled over for speeding, but after engaging with Pierce, police claimed they had reason to believe he was intoxicated. The football player was later arrested and booked at Towson Precinct after failing a field sobriety test. Pierce is the third player to be recently cut from the team over conduct issues.

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