Foreign Objects in Food

As you’re biting into a juicy taco or mouthwatering bowl of chili, the last thing on your mind is the possibility for a foreign object to have found its way into your dinner. Unfortunately, however, this occurs fairly often. Because a lot of foods are processed in large warehouses, objects may find their way into your food and, consequently, into your mouth.

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Objects Left in Food

Discovering foreign objects in your food can be alarming and, oftentimes, disgusting. Reports of foreign objects have included a wide array of things, including:

  • Screws/parts of machinery
  • Animal/human parts
  • Cardboard/paper

Foreign objects can be a serious health risk, as they may get lodged in your throat and cause a choking-related accident. Additionally, some foreign objects, such as metal, may damage your teeth and mouth, while others may be toxic. If you have discovered a foreign object in your food, it is important that you preserve the packaging, the object, and the remaining portion of food and contact the distributor. Additionally, if you fear you may suffer harm, seek medical assistance immediately.

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