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The experienced personal injury lawyers at Abel Law Firm are ready to stand up for your rights and demand fair compensation for you if you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness or recklessness in Tulsa or anywhere in Oklahoma.

We have the experience and resources to provide you with the qualified representation you need and deserve. You can count on us to be there for you from beginning to end and secure a fair settlement or verdict for you.

We handle a wide variety of injury cases, including:

When you call us, you will speak with a knowledgeable legal professional that can answer all your questions and advise you on your rights and legal options. Whether your case is big or small, we will make it our top priority. We believe in open and honest communication, so you receive unmatched customer service throughout your case. When you hire us, you can feel completely confident knowing you’re in great hands.

We believe anyone in a position to give back to his or her community should do so. With our consistent volunteer efforts, we strive to make our community a better place. All of our Tulsa personal injury attorneys provide pro bono representation for children through the Oklahoma Lawyers for Children organization. We also support a variety of local organizations, such as Living Hope Ministries, Living Faith Ministries, and Variety Care. We hope our work within these non-profit organizations can assist those in need and put them on a path to success in their lives.

What to Do if You Were Injured

If someone else caused your injury, you should seek medical care at an urgent care facility or hospital immediately. Even if your injury is minor, you should still undergo an evaluation to determine if you will need any future treatment. Afterward, it’s essential to seek the advice of one of the Tulsa personal injury attorneys from Abel Law Firm. Many people will try to handle their case on their own. However, there are many layers to an injury case that someone without experience might not know how to handle.

Insurance companies will try to pay out the smallest settlement possible. If you don’t have legal representation, they might take advantage of that and provide you with a lowball offer, so they close out your claim as quickly as possible. If you’re unsure of the maximum benefits you’re entitled to; you might be tempted to accept any offer they give you. When you have an experienced attorney by your side, they will fight hard to seek the justice you deserve and get the financial compensation you need.

Helping You Get Justice

Our first step will be to review the details of the incident you were involved in to determine if we can find fault. Oklahoma is an at-fault state, which means the individual found at fault will be held responsible for the victim’s injury. If you believe the other person was negligent, you can file a personal injury claim with their insurance carrier. We know how to navigate the insurance claims process to recover the maximum compensation available. We will file a claim and launch a thorough investigation into your accident. We’ll begin by collecting the evidence we believe will be necessary to prove the other party should be held liable. We’ll leave no stone unturned when building a strong case on your behalf. Some crucial evidence could include:

  • Police/incident reports
  • Witness statements
  • The at-fault party’s insurance policy
  • Video surveillance
  • Photos
  • Your medical records

While we’re looking into your accident, you should continue to treat your injuries with a physician. Insurance adjusters will look for any gaps in treatment or missed appointments to justify denying your claim. If your doctor refers you to a specialist, requests diagnostic testing, or prescribes you medication, you should follow their orders. Your regular office appointments will show the other person’s reckless actions caused your injury.

When our investigation is complete, we will send a demand letter to the insurance carrier with all the details and documents proving fault. The insurance adjuster will review the claim and submit a settlement offer. We will negotiate with them to reach an agreement you believe is fair. If we’re unable to reach a favorable settlement, or the insurance adjuster denies your claim, we will file a lawsuit. A lawsuit can be filed against the insurance carrier and the at-fault individual who caused your injury. Your Tulsa personal injury attorney is skilled in litigation and will be fully prepared to take your case to court.

What Compensation am I Owed?

In any personal injury case, you can seek compensation for compensatory damages and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are compensation for any losses the injured party suffered due to the accident or injury. Punitive damages are used to punish the individual or entity that was responsible for causing the injury. Depending on the coverages in the liable party’s insurance policy, you can receive up to the maximum amount of liability coverage available.

The amount of money your Tulsa personal injury attorney can demand from the insurance carrier will depend on the limit of liability in their policy. Liability limits can cover the victim’s compensatory damages. These damages are any expenses you incurred as a direct result of the incident that caused your injury. The damages you can seek compensation for include:

  • Medical Expenses – Bills for any treatment deemed medically necessary, including ambulance services, ER visits, hospital stays, surgery, physical therapy, assistive medical devices, home health care, and prescription medication.
  • Lost Wages – Any salary, commission, promotion, or bonuses you were unable to earn because of your accident. If your injuries are permanent, you can seek compensation for any future wages you won’t be able to make.
  • Pain and Suffering – Significant physical pain and suffering you endured that affected your ability to enjoy your daily life.
  • Loss of Consortium – An immediate family can seek compensation for damages if the individual’s injuries negatively impacted the relationship.
  • Wrongful Death – If the victim of a personal injury case dies as a direct result of the negligent party’s actions, their loved ones can seek compensation for expenses, such as funeral and burial costs.

We understand how challenging dealing it can be to deal with a severe injury. You’re injured and might be unable to work, and worried about how you’re going to pay your medical bills. You shouldn’t have to go through something like this alone. We will be there to provide legal advice and emotional support throughout your entire case. We will work diligently to resolve your matter as quickly as possible to you can move forward with your life.

Contact Abel Law Firm to Speak With a Tulsa Personal Injury Attorney

If you or your loved one sustained any injury because of an individual’s negligent actions, we might be able to help. Our team of legal professionals is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help guide you towards the right path to take. We will be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss the details of your accident and determine if we can take your case. We don’t want to add to your stress by charging you to speak with us about your accident. There will be no risk or obligation to receive our advice and gain an understanding of the legal road ahead of you.

We care about our clients and will be sure to make you and your case a priority when you hire us. Our Tulsa personal injury attorneys will always treat you with compassion and respect. We make ourselves available to always be there when you need us to help you through this devastating time in your life. You can rest assured you will be in excellent hands. We know law firms can be intimidating. We strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors.

Whether you’re dealing with your own injuries or the injuries of a loved one, we aim to make this situation as easy as possible. We know you don’t want your case to drag on for months or even years. That’s why we use all the resources at our disposal to reach a conclusion as efficiently as possible. Our team of attorneys, paralegals, and support staff are dedicated to creating an environment where you feel safe. We won’t pressure you into making any decisions about your case you don’t want to make. We’re here to offer guidance and pursue the options you believe are the best for yourself.

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