Avoiding Truck Accidents

Truck drivers are often under a large amount of pressure from driving long, consecutive hours across the country to deliver goods and cargo. These long and sleepless hours combined with various stimuli such as caffeine to keep drivers awake can be very dangerous and puts drivers at risk of making a tragic mistake. When truck drivers act negligently, they endanger the safety of other motorists and pedestrians.

You cannot always anticipate when and where an accident will happen, but there are ways you can decrease your likelihood of being in an accident involving a commercial truck. If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident caused by another party’s negligence, contact the Oklahoma injury lawyers of the Abel Law Firm at (405) 239-7046 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal options.

Driving Safely Near Big Trucks

Driving near commercial trucks can make the strain of highway travel even greater for the average motorist. There are, however, a few proactive measures that you can take to lessen somewhat the danger. These include the following:

  • Be aware of how the truck is driving and anticipate the worst
  • Do not stay in no-zones or blind spots, so the driver can see you at all times
  • Do not tailgate 18-wheelers
  • When passing, allow plenty of room so that you do not enter the lane too near to the front of a truck

Despite all the caution that you may exercise, you remain vulnerable to the actions of a negligent or reckless truck driver.

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If you have suffered an injury from an accident caused by a negligent commercial truck driver, you may be able to pursue financial compensation. Contact the Oklahoma injury lawyers of the Abel Law Firm at (405) 239-7046 to schedule a free consultation.