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Basics of Strict Liability

Strict liability is a form of tort law which makes a party liable for any and all damages resulting from their actions or products. Strict liability pertains to activities of inherent danger, as well as with the chain of commerce for certain products. Under this legal doctrine, it is not necessary for the injured party to prove fault.

Strict Liability Activities

Strict liability applies when partaking in activities that are inherently dangerous, such as demolishing a building, or taking care of wild animals. No matter how many safety precautions were heeded, if a person is injured when dynamite is ignited to blow up a building, strict liability may be applicable. Additionally, if a lion keeper is injured by an animal that escaped its cage, strict liability may be applicable.

Strict Liability Products

Most commonly, strict liability pertains to products available to the public. This law creates a standard that manufacturers must recognize. Under strict liability, manufacturers, retailers, and salespersons may be held liable for damages incurred due to a defective or unsafe product. There does not need to be any fault proven on their behalf—put simply, they are held accountable for every product they produce and sell in order to ensure the safety of consumers.

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