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Collecting From Defendants Who Cannot Pay

Accidents caused by someone else’s negligent actions can cause you to suffer physically, emotionally, and even financially. After an injury, medical bills alone can cost you thousands of dollars, and this does not include lost wages from missing work. However, by filing a personal injury lawsuit, you can fight to recover compensation from the party at fault so you aren’t forced to pay for damages out-of-pocket. Unfortunately, though, there are some cases where the defendant cannot afford to pay you.

If you have been injured in an accident because of someone else’s reckless actions, you need to take action today and fight for financial compensation. By speaking with a qualified attorney, you can make sure you get the compensation you need as soon as possible. To discuss your legal options with a legal representative, contact an Oklahoma injury attorney of the Abel Law Firm today at 405-239-7046 and schedule a free consultation.

Securing Financial Compensation

There are many personal injury cases in which the defendant cannot afford to pay the plaintiff the required compensation immediately because of financial circumstances. For instance, if the plaintiff has recently filed for bankruptcy or simply doesn’t have the funds, you may want to explore other options rather than a lump sum payment.

An Oklahoma injury lawyer of the Abel Law Firm can investigate the defendant’s financial background to determine the best method to collect compensation from him or her. You can pursue alternative methods such as garnishing wages in order to secure the compensation you deserve.

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