Construction Zone Negligence

In order to maintain or build roadways, road construction workers have to designate and set up construction zones. These sites often require a portion of the street or highway to be closed, creating heavy traffic jams and other problems. Drivers are often warned about maintaining a safe speed through these areas. While driving safely is important, injuries can also happen when construction site managers or workers act negligently.

When construction site workers act negligently, they are putting innocent lives in jeopardy. To fight for the financial compensation you need if you have been hurt in an accident that was caused by improper actions or negligence affecting a road construction zone, contact the Oklahoma car accident lawyers of the Abel Law Firm today at 405-239-7046 to schedule a free consultation with a qualified attorney. We know this can be a difficult time in your life and we are dedicated to helping you to obtain the resources you need to aid in your recovery.

Common Negligent Actions

There are many different ways road construction crews and companies can act negligently. When they do, they are increasing the chance of an accident and serious injury. You may be able to file a lawsuit if you were injured as a consequence of any of the following:

  • Large amount of debris or vacant equipment and machinery being left in the roadway
  • Broken barriers separating the flow of traffic from the construction project
  • Absent barriers around construction zone
  • Manholes being left uncovered

Lack of adequate warning signs to advise drivers of the presence of lane shifts or other vital information about the road construction project

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