Dangers of Street Racing

Because street racing encourages motorists to drive at speeds significantly in excess of those which have been deemed safe for public roadways, it is an extremely dangerous form of reckless driving. Street racing threatens the safety of not only those who are racing, but also spectators, other motorists, and pedestrians. The speed alone would be cause for concern, but the other reckless decisions made by racers to improve their standing in a race, such as weaving through traffic or running stop signs and traffic lights, are also incredibly hazardous.

Injuries sustained in a street racing accident are likely to be even more severe than those incurred by other accidents due to the speed of impact. If you have been hurt in an accident caused by a driver who was engaged in street racing, you may be eligible to seek financial compensation through a civil lawsuit. Contact the Oklahoma personal injury lawyers of the Abel Law Firm at 405-239-7046 to schedule a free consultation with a qualified attorney.

Driving Hazards Associated with Street Racing

While it is widely understood that speeding in an automobile creates additional dangers, it is not always so clear why this is the case. Beyond the increase in force at the moment of impact in a collision, traveling at excessive speed imposes the following obstacles to the safe operation of a motor vehicle:

  • Decreased reaction time to avoid vehicles or pedestrians
  • An inability to safely turn or to retain control through curves
  • Increased risk of skidding off roads
  • Increased rollover risk

You should not have to bear the expenses that you have as a consequence of another individual’s reckless driving behaviors. We can help you to better understand your legal rights and to pursue your case.

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Street racing is illegal, and the disregard that it displays for the safety of others is deplorable. Let us help you to stand up to hold accountable those who are responsible for your injuries. Contact the Oklahoma personal injury lawyers of the Abel Law Firm at (405) 239-7046.

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