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Expert Witnesses

In many personal injury cases, expert witnesses are called on to testify on behalf of one or both sides of a claim. An expert witness is a person who has more knowledge about a certain subject or field than an average person. Selecting a credible and reliable expert witness may significantly improve your case; however, inversely, a discredited expert witness may damage your case.

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The Purpose of Expert Witnesses

The purpose of having an expert witness is fairly simple—having a professional testify on behalf of your case can strengthen your argument and increase your chances of establishing negligence. Examples of frequently called upon expert witnesses include:

  • Engineers (mechanical or other) who may be able to analyze the scene of the accident and determine what factors contributed to the accident and subsequent injury. Generally, they will be used to testify that a machine was improperly maintained, or that necessary safety precautions were unheeded.
  • Doctors or specialists, who may testify about the extent of your injury.
  • An accountant, who can speculate about the financial losses resulting from an accident, including medical expenses and wage losses.

Although you are not required to have an expert witness testify on your behalf, they may significantly increase your chances of winning. Additionally, the opposing side may also recruit an expert witness for rebuttal.

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