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Pothole Dangers

Potholes are a common nuisance on our roadways. Not only do they make a street look rundown and unsightly, but they pose a threat to the safety of anyone who travels on the road. Potholes can develop or worsen practically overnight, so even drivers who regularly cover a particular stretch of roadway may not notice the sudden change until it is too late. While small potholes may only cause minor damage to a vehicle, larger ones can actually cause an accident and possibly severe injuries to anyone who is involved.

If you have suffered injuries or damages because of an accident caused by a pothole then it may be appropriate to consider filing a legal action against a negligent municipal agency or roadway construction company. Contact the Oklahoma personal injury lawyers at the Abel Law Firm by calling 405-239-7046 to discuss your potential case.

Common Pothole Accidents

Potholes are dangerous not only for drivers, but for motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and road workers as well. Anyone who uses the road could be injured or have their vehicle damaged by an unseen pothole. Some common types of accidents include:

  • A vehicle’s wheel becomes lodged in the pothole, causing it to swerve sideways or, in the case of two-wheeled vehicles, flip over.
  • A motorist or rider notices a pothole at the last second and swerves to avoid it, possibly causing an accident.
  • A pedestrian or road worker crossing the street accidentally steps into a pothole or trips over it, resulting in a sprain or broken bone.

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