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Settling a Lawsuit

When filing a personal injury claim, many people envision a long drawn out process that includes one (or several) nerve-racking days in court; however, this is not a common scenario. In fact, most personal injury cases are settled outside of the courtroom through a negotiation process.

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The Process

In order to receive a settlement, you and your lawyer must complete a three part process:

1.File a claim. This means notifying the charged party of the lawsuit, which allows them to seek legal representation.

2.Discovery. During this stage, both parties will investigate the case for evidence which supports their case. Examples of such evidence may be medical records, the testimony of an expert witness, or testimonies from other individuals.

3.Settling. After all evidence has been produced, one side will determine a monetary amount that they believe to be appropriate compensation for the victim. If this amount satisfies the claimant, then they accept the offer and the case is over; however, if they do not believe the offer is adequate, they can reject it and suggest a higher amount.

In the event that an appropriate amount of compensation cannot be agreed upon, the case may be taken to court to be presented before a judge.

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