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The Hazards of Driving while Texting

As tempting as it may be, text messaging while driving is an extremely hazardous practice that is already outlawed in many states. According to studies about the effects of texting while driving, reading and writing text messages significantly impair attentiveness while driving. Many studies have concluded that texting is more hazardous than drinking above the legal limit.

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Laws and Use

Because of the hazards associated with operating a cell phone while driving, many states are implementing laws to prevent such activity. Already, 17 states have outlawed beginner drivers from using their cell phones; however, a recent study discovered that 46% of drivers aged 16 to 17 admit to texting while driving despite the laws.

As reports further prove the hazards of texting while driving, more and more states are outlawing the practice. If caught violating this law, drivers are likely to face a stiff fine.

Driving Impairments

Studies have concluded that text messaging while driving produces the following effects:

  • Decreased attentiveness
  • Increased variability in lane position
  • More frequent lane departures
  • Slower reaction times
  • Less likely to detect hazards due to visual impairment

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