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Tripping and Slipping Hazards

Trips and slips happen every day. They are a fact of life. But, how frequently do you trip or slip and blame something other than your unexplainable clumsiness? Well, sometimes it’s not your fault. Tripping and slipping hazards in public spaces must be clearly marked with warning signs to ensure that people avoid serious injury.

Falling accidents can be difficult cases to prove negligence and receive compensation for; however, the Oklahoma slip and fall accident attorneys at the Abel Law Firm are experienced in personal injury claims. Contact an Oklahoma lawyer at (405) 239-7046 today for a free initial consultation.

Instances When Slips and Trips Aren’t Your Fault

  • There is water on the floor and you slip in the puddle before a sign is put up to warn you of the hazard
  • A temporary construction project results in uneven terrain, but they fail to post signs warning you of the hazard.

If you suffer from an accidental fall while in a public space, you may be eligible for compensation for damages. In order to ensure a solid case, make sure you document all aspects of your accident, including: records of injury (hospital bills, doctor visits, etc.), photographs of the hazardous circumstances which caused your accident (uneven terrain, puddles, etc.), and the names and telephone numbers of as many witnesses as possible.

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