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Winter Outdoor Dangers

The winter holidays are a wonderful time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. Perhaps you enjoy such winter pastimes as ice skating, having snowball fights, or sledding. While these are all wonderful events that can typically only occur in winter, there are also dangers of being outdoors during the cold winter months.

First, sidewalks and other walkways can build up a slippery layer of ice. Even though the air temperature might be above freezing, the ground can hold the cold and contribute to icy walkways. If you are walking outside where there might be ice, try to keep one or both hands free so that you can catch yourself if you slip. Always avoid carrying precious cargo like a baby and opt for a stroller or other such device instead.

Driving in icy conditions can be extremely dangerous due to spots called black ice. Black ice, or glare ice, is water that has frozen with many tiny air bubbles. This makes it very transparent and hard to see on the roadway. If you cannot avoid driving in icy conditions, make sure to drive slowly and leave plenty of space between you and the people around you.

Lastly, snowdrifts can build up around roadways and become hazardous to both pedestrian and drivers. If you are walking and get caught in a snowdrift, try to stick some kind of flag or marker out of the snow so that people can find you. Should your car get stuck in a drift, don’t spin your wheels. Try carrying a shovel or kitty litter with you to help dig out snow from around your car and to give traction.

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