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Car accidents are, unsurprisingly, a common cause of broken bones. The speed at which accidents often occur, combined with the sheer weight of the vehicles involved, can create a massive force that the body then absorbs on impact. One or more broken bones can be the painful result of these collisions.

If you or a loved one have suffered bone fractures in an automobile accident in Oklahoma City, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your injuries and the losses they have caused. If another person’s irresponsible driving has affected you in this way, Abel Law Firm can help you pursue a claim for monetary damages against the negligent party’s insurance company. Our Oklahoma City car accident lawyers have been assisting victims since 1976, and we are ready to fight for you too. Call (405) 239-7046 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Common Breaks from Collisions

Practically speaking, any bone in the body is susceptible to fractures in an automobile collision. In addition to the sheer force of the crash, the body may also encounter external objects, or the spine and limbs may experience unnatural bending or twisting. Even more dramatically, the impact can fling a person’s body from the car, or a body part may even end up crushed in the crash.

There are, however, certain bones that are more vulnerable to breaks in car crashes. These include:

  • Vertebrae in the spine and neck
  • The femur (thighbone)
  • The clavicle (collarbone)
  • The sternum (breastbone)
  • Bones in the pelvis
  • Bones in the skull (jawbone, cranium)
  • Bones in the ankles

In order to heal properly after such fractures, you will often need to wear a cast, and in some cases, surgery will be required. However, it doesn’t end there. Medical treatment may also include medications to manage the pain, as well as physical therapy to help you recover your mobility and to help you return to work. And, of course, there are some cases in which full recovery is simply impossible, and the accident victim may live out the rest of their life with a substantial impediment.

What Types of Fractures Can Car Accidents Cause?

Bone breaks and bone fractures are the same things, but there are several types. Depending on the nature of the impact, car accidents can cause the following fractures:

  • Hairline – A hairline fracture is a partial break that results in a small crack in the bone. When a person has a hairline fracture, they may not realize that it has occurred, and therefore may not seek the medical treatment they need. Without attention, what starts out as a small crack may begin to grow larger, leading to a weakened bone and increased pain over time.
  • Buckle – This type of fracture is also known as a torus or an incomplete fracture. Buckle fractures occur when the bone starts to bend or rupture, but an actual break does not occur. Buckle fractures are most common in children, whose bones have not fully developed and are therefore more pliable than adult bones.
  • Stress – Also more common in children, stress fractures are another type of partial break. Unlike buckle fractures, however, stress fractures involve a break in one side of the bone while the other side bends.
  • Transverse – In a transverse fracture, direct pressure or a direct hit snaps the bone into two pieces. This generally happens when the force comes in at a right angle, perpendicular to the bone’s long axis.
  • Oblique – As with a transverse fracture, an oblique fracture happens when the bone breaks at an angle diagonal to the long axis. These kinds of breaks are not very common, but they can happen if one bone twists over the top of another bone that has become trapped.
  • Avulsion – An avulsion fracture occurs when the bone separates from the ligaments that join it to another bone, or from the tendons that join it to muscles. Avulsion fractures can lead to both serious pain and serious complications. As a result, surgery is often required.
  • Comminuted – A comminuted fracture refers to an instance in which the bone breaks into three or more pieces. These kinds of fractures most commonly happen due to acute pressure or via a particularly forceful impact. They are exceptionally difficult to repair.
  • Compound – Many people consider this the most harrowing type of fracture. A compound fracture is a break in which the broken bone protrudes directly through the skin. Because compound fractures entail both a broken bone and an open wound, they run a very high risk of infection.

The proper diagnosis of a fracture requires an experienced medical professional who will conduct X-rays and other tests as soon as possible after an accident.

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Treatment and Compensation for Car Accident Fractures

The medical expenses associated with fractured bones from automobile collisions often create a significant financial burden for the victims. You may require a cast, surgery, physical therapy, or ongoing care, and these expenses can be tremendous. However, you should not be financially responsible for medical bills for injuries that came about through no fault of your own. In such a situation, you should be entitled to compensation for these costs.

Moreover, the driver who caused the crash should be held responsible for:

  • Any wages you may have lost because of missed work due to your fracture.
  • Long-term income loss if you can no longer perform the work you had before the accident or in the event that you are no longer able to work at all. For those with physically demanding jobs, a serious fracture is potentially career-ending.
  • The physical pain, mental suffering, and emotional stress that come about due to a serious accident.

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