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When you purchase a vehicle, you expect it to work as intended. In turn, you expect the other vehicles on the road to function properly. When you’re hurt because of a car defect or malfunction, you may suffer serious injuries through no fault of your own. At Abel Law Firm, we have decades of experience seeking justice for our clients and holding people accountable for their actions.

If you’re hurt because of a car defect or malfunction, the attorneys at Abel Law Firm can help you claim financial compensation for your injuries. With more than 150 years of combined experience, our attorneys are qualified to help you bring a claim for compensation for your injuries. We know the laws governing car defects and product malfunctions in Oklahoma. As dedicated community members, we can help you pursue your rights under Oklahoma law and rebuild your life.

If you have been the victim of an automobile collision, and you believe that a car defect or malfunction was the cause of your car accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your losses. Contact the Oklahoma City car defect and malfunction attorneys at Abel Law Firm by calling (405) 239-7046 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Do I Need an Oklahoma City Car Defect and Malfunction Attorney?

Claims involving car defects and malfunctions are based on products liability laws. This is different than an ordinary personal injury claim. To bring a successful claim, you need to know the laws that apply and how to pursue your rights using those laws.

Car defect and malfunction cases favor accident victims. You may bring a claim for compensation without proving fault. Simply showing that the vehicle or vehicle part had an unreasonably dangerous defect, either due to a design flaw, manufacturing error, or failure to adequately warn users about dangers, can be enough to win your claim. To bring a successful claim, it’s important to understand these laws, know what evidence is required, properly fill out all forms, and file them in the right place.

When you try to bring your case on your own, you may make critical errors that can unravel your case. You must plead the right cause of action to pursue your claim. If your initial pleadings miss categories of damages, you may not be able to include those losses at all in your claim. Don’t leave it to chance by trying to go it alone. Instead, work with an experienced OKC car defect and malfunction attorney to ensure that you’re doing all the right to reach the result you deserve.

Why Choose Abel Law Firm to Handle My Car Defect Case?

When you need legal representation because of a car defect case, the attorneys at Abel Law Firm are prepared and determined to help you pursue your claim under Oklahoma law. Our legal team is fully staffed and equipped to help you recover fair compensation. Our Oklahoma City car defect and malfunction attorneys can help you with any type of legal claim. Our attorneys take each case personally. We work tirelessly to ensure that each and every client reaches a fair result. Personal service and attention to detail are what set us apart.

Our leader, Ed Abel, has spent his career collecting accolades for helping deserving accident victims. In 2011, Best Lawyers named him Oklahoma City Personal Injury Litigator of the Year. The Martindale peer review system has awarded Ed Abel their highest rating, and he has been selected as a Super Lawyer each year since 2007. He founded Abel Law Firm in 1976 to directly serve suffering accident victims. He is the past president and chairman of the Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association and a member of the Oklahoma Association for Justice. These awards are only a reflection of the outstanding service we provide for our clients.

Our legal team takes a personal approach to each case. We get to know you and how your injuries occurred. Our team explores all of the legal avenues to make your case successful. When you choose our legal team, you’re working with dedicated professionals who keep working until you have a check in your hands. It’s a privilege to fight on behalf of car defect and malfunction accident victims. Come experience the difference that Abel Law Firm provides for each client.

Common Car Defects and Malfunctions

Recently, automotive defects and malfunctions have received substantial media coverage. Unfortunately, while car safety features are more advanced than ever, manufacturing and design flaws still exist, which can be hazardous for drivers. If you have been injured because of any of the following defects or malfunctions, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the automobile’s manufacturer or distributor:

There are several ways that a vehicle may be legally deficient under Oklahoma law. If the vehicle has a manufacturing defect, it may be the only vehicle of its kind with that type of problem. When a single vehicle has a defect, and causes an accident, the manufacturer may owe the accident victim compensation. Alternatively, when the vehicle has a poor design that impacts all of the same model vehicles, the manufacturer may have legal liability for all of the losses that result because of the design flaws. Lastly, a vehicle manufacturer has the legal obligation to warn drivers about any dangers of the vehicle. If they fail to provide proper instructions, that may be grounds for legal liability for the vehicle manufacturer.

Oklahoma laws provide strong protections for the victims of defective products, including car defects and malfunctions. You do not have to prove how or why the manufacturer made a defective product. All you have to show is that you’re a victim of a defective vehicle:

  • The vehicle or vehicle part had an unreasonably dangerous defect
  • The vehicle or vehicle part was in the same condition as it was when it left the manufacturer
  • You were using the vehicle or vehicle part as intended

Whether the defect occurs in the vehicle you’re driving or in another vehicle in a collision, Oklahoma law operates to provide you fair compensation for your losses.

If you have been the victim of a car defect, you should not have to suffer the consequences alone. The attorneys of Abel Law Firm have the resources and experience needed to help you fight for compensation for any related medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, and, in extreme cases, the wrongful death of a loved one.

Who Is Liable for A Defective or Malfunctioning Vehicle?

The most complicated part of an accident like this is determining liability. There are various parties you could hold financially responsible for your injuries and associated losses. The party or parties you pursue compensation from will depend on who was ultimately at fault for the car or part malfunctioning and causing the accident.

Parts Manufacturer – Manufacturers have an obligation to provide products to consumers that are safe and free from defects. If any error occurs during the design, manufacturing, or marketing process, they could be held liable.

Retailer – Retailers are responsible for selling vehicles and parts that are in good working condition. They must store everything correctly, so nothing becomes damaged. Even though they’re not making the parts, they still have to ensure their consumers’ safety.

Shipping company – Anyone involved in the distribution chain between manufacturers and retailers should transport and store all parts in such a way that nothing becomes defective.

Another driver – Any driver who is aware of a recalled part or issue with their vehicle but doesn’t bring it in for repairs could be responsible for an accident that occurs.

Compensation You Might Be Entitled to After A Car Defect Accident

Drivers in Oklahoma must carry auto insurance with minimum liability limits to cover an accident victim’s losses. Those losses could include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional distress
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Out of pocket expenses

If the other driver was at fault for the crash, you could file a claim with their auto insurance company for compensation for your losses.

Companies typically carry general liability insurance to protect their businesses when they’re responsible for someone’s injuries. If the manufacturer or another company was negligent, you could pursue a claim with their insurance company. The same losses available in an insurance claim against a negligent driver are available in this type of case against a company.

Our Oklahoma City car defect and malfunction attorneys will review every legal option you have to seek the compensation you need to cover your past and future losses. We will obtain copies of all insurance policies to determine the amount of coverage available and file a claim on your behalf. We use aggressive tactics to negotiate for a settlement we believe is fair and will cover your medical bills and other expenses.

Can I File A Product Liability Lawsuit?

Yes. If you want to sue the manufacturer, another driver, or another party for compensation, you can. There’s a statute of limitations for filing lawsuits in Oklahoma. This is a strict deadline you must follow. If it passes and you haven’t filed, you will lose your right to seek compensation in the civil court system.

The statute of limitations is two years. You will have two years from the accident date to file suit. It is critical that you begin preparing for your lawsuit immediately after the accident. You might think two years is adequate time, but you could encounter obstacles along the way that delay the process. Abel Law Firm can intervene and handle every legal aspect of your case to ensure we don’t miss the deadline.

During your lawsuit, you should allow us to handle all communication. Even if you think your actions might have contributed to the accident, you should not speak to anyone about it. The modified comparative negligence rule could affect the amount of compensation you could receive.

If a jury determines you share any degree of fault for your injuries, they could reduce your maximum monetary award. For example, if the value of your losses is $50,000, but they find out you were 50% to blame for the accident, you would only be entitled to $25,000 in compensation. If you share more than 50% fault, you wouldn’t be allowed to pursue compensation at all.

Contact Abel Law Firm

A car defect can cause traumatizing injuries. Your life may never be the same. A car accident can be especially frustrating when it occurs because the car manufacturer creates a defective product. Automotive manufacturers should be held accountable for car defects and malfunctions that threaten occupant safety. We know that it’s not easy to be the victim of a car defect or car malfunction. Our legal team wants to help you bring the car manufacturers to justice and secure the compensation you deserve.

Our Oklahoma City car defect and malfunction attorneys will stop at nothing to get you the money you need to pay for your medical treatment so you can recover and move forward with your life. We know how devastating this experience has been and how much it has impacted your daily life.

It can be a challenge to pursue a legal case while you’re trying to heal your injuries after a traumatic car crash. You can count on us to take on the responsibility and handle every aspect of the legal process so you can focus on your treatment and putting the pieces of your life back together.

If you have suffered because of a defect or malfunction, contact the Oklahoma City car defect attorneys at Abel Law Firm to discuss your legal options with a professional. Call (405) 239-7046 for a free consultation.

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