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Oklahoma City Drunk Driving Accident Victim Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident with a drunk driver, contact the Oklahoma City car accident attorneys of Abel Law Firm to schedule a free consultation. You deserve compensation for your injuries and expenses.

While all injuries and fatalities caused by automobile accidents are painful, those caused by drunk drivers are especially so because they are completely preventable. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, or you have lost a loved one because of a drunk driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation. We understand that money will not bring your loved one back to you, but it may be important in ensuring that the criminal who caused the accident will never make that mistake again.

The Oklahoma City drunk driving victim attorneys of the Abel Law Firm are dedicated to fighting the gross injustices committed by reckless and drunk drivers. We believe that you deserve to be compensated for your loss. To learn more about what we may be able to do for you, contact us today by calling (405) 239-7046 or online.

Do I Need a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer?

Having an experienced and qualified Oklahoma City accident attorney on your side can often make the difference in a successful case. They will be able to assess your case, advise you of your legal options, and work on your behalf to either achieve a fair settlement or fight for your rights in court. An attorney can fight for the compensation that you need to cover medical expenses and return to a normal life.

Drunk driving cases might seem as if they should be open and shut, but they often can be much more complex. Qualified Oklahoma City drunk driving lawyers will have an exhaustive knowledge of personal injury law and the common defenses that drunk drivers will try to use to get their case dismissed. A skilled drunk driving lawyer will be able to bring justice to those who drive drunk, standing up to insurance companies that may try to lowball you, settle the claim on the first offer, or try to deny the claim outright.

Why Choose Abel Law Firm to Handle My case?

The Oklahoma City drunk driving attorneys of Abel Law Firm have an unmatched level of experience and knowledge of personal injury law. With over 130 years of combined experience, our attorneys are among the state’s elite, having won millions in compensation for accident victims over the years. Our Senior Partner, Ed Abel, has been practicing in Oklahoma for over 50 years. With him are five other highly skilled personal injury lawyers, including several who have been named as “Super Lawyers” in Oklahoma.

Working as a team, we bring our collective knowledge of drunk driving law and years of experience trying drunk driving cases to each case we represent. With several of our attorneys maintaining perfect “10” ratings on legal services website Avvo, we believe the results, reviews, and awards speak for themselves. Abel Law Firm is deeply involved in the community, and we bring a personal and local touch to our cases, treating you as an individual and not striving to meet a quota. We are here to bring our knowledge, experience, and attention to your case to win the compensation that you need to recover and return to your life.

How We Can Help

At the Abel Law Firm, we know the challenges that victims of drunk driving accidents face. We understand because we have spent decades fighting for justice for people just like you. Our OKC drunk driving accident victim attorneys have a combined 150 years of legal experience, and we may be able to put this experience to work for you. We may be able to help fight for the justice you deserve if you or someone you love has been injured or worse in an accident involving:

DUI, or driving under the influence, is not limited to just drivers under the influence of alcohol. If the driver that injured you was under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or even prescription medication, they may be held liable for your injuries.

In some cases, you may also be able to hold the establishment that provided alcohol to the intoxicated driver liable for your injuries. This can include a bar, club, restaurant, or liquor store. These cases involve dram shop laws, which include:

  • Distributing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21: In Oklahoma, alcohol-serving establishments cannot sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 under any circumstances. If the driver that hit you was under 21 and intoxicated, the distributor of the alcohol can be held accountable.
  • Distributing alcohol to someone who appears intoxicated: Under Oklahoma dram shop laws, establishments that distribute alcohol may not serve someone who is visibly intoxicated. If a bar or liquor store sold alcohol to an intoxicated person, they may be held liable in a drunk driving accident.

If holding a dram shop liable is possible in your case, it can help you recover even more money. This is because you will only be able to recover money up to the insurance policy limit. An individual driver’s insurance limit is likely far lower than that of a business. A lawyer from Abel Law Firm will be able to investigate your case to determine whether holding a dram shop liable is a possibility in your case.

It is important to note that criminal cases are totally separate from civil cases. Even if the drunk driver is found guilty in criminal court, this alone will not get you any compensation. You must file your own claim if you wish to recover any money. Similarly, because the cases are separate, this means that you may still be able to recover compensation even if the driver is acquitted in criminal court.

Proving Fault in a Drunk Driving Case

Even if it seems that proving that a drunk driver is at fault should be fairly straightforward, we much still that the driver was acting negligently leading up to the accident. The idea of ‘negligence’ has a very specific meaning in personal injury law. To prove negligence, you must demonstrate four components:

  • Duty: You must show that the driver had a duty to keep you safe. This element is a given in drunk driving cases, as all drivers have a duty to keep all other drivers safe on the road, and all dram shops have a duty to follow the law.
  • Breach: You must show that the driver breached their duty to keep you safe. Driving while intoxicated is a clear breach of duty, as it puts everyone on the road in danger. You can prove that the driver was intoxicated using accident reports, breathalyzer test results, roadside sobriety test results, and more. You can prove that a dram shop was liable using receipts, surveillance footage, and witness testimony.
  • Causation: You must show that the breach of duty directly caused your injuries. This means that you must show that you would not have been injured if the driver had not been under the influence. You can show this using evidence from the accident scene, witness statements, medical records, crash reports, and more.
  • Damages: You must show that your injuries caused you significant damages. This means that minor injuries or small financial losses will likely not be sufficient to justify a lawsuit. You can prove that your damages were significant through medical bills, car repair or replacement receipts, journals where you detail how your injuries are causing you pain, and more.

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side can make all the difference in proving that a drunk driver acted in a careless manner. The attorneys of Abel Law Firm have extensive experience handling drunk driving cases, and are prepared to help you prove your case.

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Drunk driving is a serious crime with serious consequences. At Abel Law Firm, we understand the impact that this can have on your family. Besides the physical trauma of your injuries, a drunk driving accident can cause mental trauma and financial instability when you must miss work as a result of your injuries. Our accident attorneys are here to help you get the compensation you need and help you find justice and closure.

You and your family should not have to pay the costs associated with an accident out-of-pocket if an irresponsible drunk driver caused the accident. The Oklahoma City drunk driving accident lawyers of the Abel Law Firm are dedicated to fighting for the rights of people who have been hurt by drunk drivers. To learn more about what we may be able to do for you and your family, contact us today by calling (405) 239-7046.

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