The Dangers of Road Defects

Properly constructed and maintained roads are essential for safe driving. When streets and highways lack important safety features, the dangers involved in driving are increased. When road defects are present, even the most cautious and experienced drivers can end up in serious accidents. Municipal and state agencies are legally responsible for ensuring roads have all necessary safety features and are free of any defects. When a road defect is the root cause of an accident, the town responsible should be found liable in court. This includes accidents involving cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Because streets and highways are not always properly maintained, it is always important to document hazardous defects that may have contributed to your accident. Some of the most common road defects include:

Lack of Signs

Road signs are responsible for directing the flow of traffic and alerting drivers to any upcoming hazards. When necessary signs are not present, drivers are likely to be caught off guard and either swerve or brake quickly. This often results in accidents, which can be serious and leave victims with devastating injuries.

Lack of Guardrails

Defective guardrails or a lack of guardrails altogether can be incredibly dangerous for drivers. Guardrails are put in place to prevent vehicles from crossing over into head-on traffic or rolling off a steep edge next to the road. When these devices are not present, the resulting accident and injuries can be extensive.

Water Pooling

When a road is unevenly paved, there is potential for puddles to form and hinder safe driving conditions. Puddles or larger areas of pooling water may cause a car to hydroplane and possibly crash. The build-up of water on a road also presents the danger of splashing, making it difficult for drivers to see where they are going.


Potholes pose a serious threat on the road. These defects have the ability to cause serious damage to tires and car axles, which can make controlling the vehicle very difficult. Driving over a large pothole can send a car spinning, which is likely to result in an accident. Accidents may also occur when drivers have to swerve in order to avoid potholes.

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