While they may seem to be an elementary part of commercial trucks, tires are one of the most essential components for safe and efficient travel. The tires allow trucks to grip the road in all weather conditions, to turn, and to safely brake, but if they malfunction they can cause serious damage. Tires that do not function properly can significantly increase a truck’s risk for an accident, including an overturned vehicle or a jackknifed rig, putting the driver and those nearby at serious risk of injury.

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Types of Truck Tire Failures

Tires are supposed to go through a series of product tests to determine if they are safe and road ready, but some manage to slip past inspection and end up on 18-wheeler trucks. Unlike normal tires, truck tires have to withstand great amounts of weight, friction, and extended hours on every type of road condition. If tires are faulty, they could be dangerous for the trucker and nearby motorists. Some potential tire failures include:

  • Melting or warping
  • Uneven or excessive wear
  • Tire busting
  • Tread or belt separation
  • Improper mounting on the wheel

Any of these issues could lead to a blowout and collision, so truckers and trucking companies have an obligation to get their tires inspected on a regular basis. If they fail to do so and another driver suffers harm as a result, he or she may have grounds for legal action.

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If you have been a victim of a truck accident due to a faulty tire, contact the Oklahoma tire defect lawyers of the Abel Law Firm at Abel Law Firm today to discuss your legal options.