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Ford to recall vehicles with potentially faulty seat belts

Over 680,000 Ford vehicles are under recall in the United States, Mexico, and Canada due to a seat belt issue that could cause harm to vehicle occupants, a report of USA Today stated on December 2.

Specifically, the Michigan-based manufacturer was notified of two incidents involving the recalled vehicles that resulted in personal injuries. The Ford’s Lincoln MKZ, Mondeo, and Fusion may have seat belts that could break during accidents. Ford confirmed in a statement that the seat belt issue could cause additional injuries during a crash. The seat belts of the vehicles could fail due to cable pretensioners that may deteriorate over time by overheating. Ford dealers will address the issue by reinforcing the insulation of the cables.

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4.3M GM vehicles recalled due to faulty airbag software

American auto manufacturer General Motors (GM) has issued a recall to 4.3 million vehicles due to a software problem that could cause the airbags to malfunction, increasing the risks of injuries to occupants, a September 10 article in USA Today said.

According to reports, the software issue in the airbags was blamed in accidents that resulted in one death and three persons injured. The vehicles reportedly were equipped with possibly defective computer sensors that could also cause the seatbelts to malfunction. Though the recall is considered to be one of the biggest, GM will address the issue by updating the software of the affected vehicles for free. The GM recall has nothing to do with the Takata airbag recall.

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Automaker broadens recall for vehicles equipped with faulty airbags

Automaker giant Chrysler recently said that they have decided to broaden their recall of vehicles that have defective Takata airbags, an article on The Detroit News stated December 12.

After adding 208,783 vehicles, Chrysler is now recalling over 600,000 vehicles due to faulty airbags that may potentially injure vehicle occupants. Chrysler expanded their Takata airbag recall after being pressured by federal regulators. In the additional recall, Chrysler has included five more states and other U.S. territories. Takata reportedly stated that only the airbags in the front passenger seats are affected by the problem. Owners of the recalled Chrysler vehicles will be notified by the company in February next year.

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GM to issue recall on new pickups with defective airbags

Automaker General Motors (GM) is expected to issue yet another recall, this time to address an airbag issue in several recent pickup truck models, an article on the Buffalo News stated October 3.

GM explained that the driver side airbags in some 2015 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado pickup trucks may malfunction because of a factory error in their Missouri plant. An electrical problem may prevent the airbag from deploying on impact. GM has notified dealers to temporarily halt the sale of the trucks while they figure out how to best address the problem.

GM has issued an especially large number of recalls this year, affecting almost 30 million vehicles from 71 unique cases of manufacturing errors or design flaws.

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Thousands of Toyota Highlander and Highlander hybrids recalled

At least 50,000 of the newest model of Toyota Highlander and its hybrid version are being recalled by the automaker due to a software issue in the air bag control unit, Auto World News reported on June 4.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that bigger passengers occupying the front seat are at higher risk of suffering from injuries in a car crash if the airbag software failed to identify the passenger’s weight. The automaker stated that they already notified their dealers to temporarily avoid selling the affected vehicles until they fixed them. Toyota will address the problem by updating the faulty airbag software at no cost.

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Toyotal recalls more than 150,000 Lexus vehicles

After the 2009-2010 problem with unintended acceleration in its popular Prius, Toyota has recently recalled more than 150,000 Lexus vehicles for the same issue.

The 2010 Lexus RX 350 and the 2010 Lexus RX 450H are the two models affected by the recall. In these vehicles, the gas pedal can get trapped under the driver’s side floor mat, causing the cars to accelerate to an excessive speed in a short amount of time.

An investigation into Toyota may also be issued by U.S. safety regulators in order to determine if Toyota has known about this problem prior to the recall. The consequences of this malfunction can result in car accidents and subsequent injuries or even fatalities. Toyota will begin notifying the owners of these recalled vehicles in August.

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Hyundai Elantra may have airbag defect

According to an owner of a 2012 Hyundai Elantra, the airbag system may be defective.

A complaint was filed by this owner after the driver’s side airbag deployed in an accident, injuring him. The airbag caused a piece of sharp metal to dislodge from the interior of the vehicle, and it was sharp enough to cut through the man’s ear.

The driver reported the incident because he said that the injury could have been more severe if the metal sliced his neck instead. The actual vehicle in which the airbag deployed has yet to be investigated, but regulators say that they are in the beginning stages of an official investigation.

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Honda expands airbag defect recall

Honda recently expanded their airbag defect recall by adding 273,000 more vehicles to their list of vehicles with airbag deployment problems.  The first recall included 603,000 vehicles.

Involved in the recall are older model Honda Odysseys, Pilots, CRVs, Civics, Acuras, and Accords.  Honda stopped the sale of vehicles included in the recall from used car dealerships until all airbag defects are repaired.

Complaints from Honda owners revealed that some vehicles’ airbags release broken metal when deployed.  Investigators believe the defect is caused by an excess in pressure used to inflate the airbags.  12 people were injured and at least 1 person died because of the defect.

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