Truck Accidents What Are Truck Driver Training Requirements?

When a big rig or other commercial vehicle is involved in an accident, the first person everyone blames is the driver. It is true that drivers are required to meet stringent federal requirements to be granted a license to drive a truck and to operate that vehicle safely. However, if the company that hires the […]

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Truck Accidents The Role of Fatigue in Truck Accidents

According to federal statistics, up to 40 percent of all truck and big rig accidents are at least partially due to driver fatigue. This statistic has not changed in many years, even though the average driver knows that sitting behind the wheel of any vehicle for hours at a time is exhausting. Despite strict federal […]

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Truck Accidents How Are Truck Accidents Different from Auto Accidents?

Even though they’re only about ten percent of all vehicles on the road, big rigs and other commercial vehicles have the same accident rate, and the same number of fatalities as automobiles, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Part of this is due to their sheer size and weight, and part is […]

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Truck Accidents What Is a Truck Driver’s Travel Log?

The working life of a truck driver is long and tiring. Because of that, there are regulations about how long a driver can sit in the cab driving, when they must stop and rest, and when the truck must be brought in for service. All these things must be kept in a written or electronic […]

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Truck Accidents Why Is the Black Box Important in Truck Accidents?

It isn’t just airplanes that have black boxes these days. Today, cars and trucks have an event data recorder (EDR) embedded under their dashboards, recording all the details of the vehicle’s speed, braking, direction of travel, and more. If you are involved in an accident with a big rig, the black box data can be […]

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Truck Accidents Comedian Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart reached a settlement

After the fatal accident in New Jersey almost a year ago, actor Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart recently agreed to a settlement, the Los Angeles Times reported on May 27. Though the details of the settlement were not released, the multinational retail company acknowledged “full responsibility” for the June 7 accident that killed James McNair and injured others, […]

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