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Taking Legal Action for False Car Accident Claims in Oklahoma imageIf you’ve been involved in a car accident in Oklahoma and suspect that the other party is lying about the circumstances of the incident, you probably feel frustrated and uncertain about your next steps. It’s crucial to know that the law is on your side, and taking legal action is not only possible but often necessary to protect your rights and ensure justice prevails.

Taking action against false claims is essential because these allegations can significantly impact the outcome of insurance settlements and legal judgments. By understanding your legal options, you can actively defend your position and work toward a resolution that reflects the truth of the situation.

Remember, you are not alone in this. Many have successfully challenged false claims and found resolution through the legal system. As you read on, remember that each step you take is a move toward clearing your name and rectifying the record, ensuring that justice prevails in your case.

The Importance of Collecting Evidence

From the moment of your accident, collecting robust evidence is vital. This usually includes photos of:

  • The scene
  • Your vehicle
  • The other vehicle
  • Any visible injuries
  • Environmental conditions at the scene of the accident.

You should also keep a detailed record of all medical visits and treatments related to injuries sustained in the accident. Written correspondence, including text messages and emails, can also be crucial to helping your case if they relate to the incident or subsequent conversations about the accident.

Handling Conflicting Stories About a Car Accident

Conflicting stories from different parties involved in an accident are more common than you may think and do not always indicate the other person is being dishonest. To address this, you should gather as much unbiased evidence as possible. This can include:

  • Police reports
  • Dashcam footage
  • CCTV footage from nearby businesses or residences
  • Statements from impartial witnesses

These pieces of evidence can help to corroborate the truth of what you experienced and demonstrate inconsistencies in the other party’s story.

What to Do When Someone Lies About a Car Accident

When you suspect someone has provided false information regarding a car accident, your first step should be documenting everything. Take notes on what the person said, collect contact information from witnesses, and protect any physical evidence that you have from the scene. These initial actions are critical as they establish a baseline of evidence your attorney can use later.

Addressing False Injury Claims

False injury claims can significantly increase the stakes of a car accident case. If you believe an opposing party is exaggerating or fabricating injuries or denying yours, it’s essential to challenge these claims vigorously. Requesting medical records and conducting independent medical examinations can effectively expose dishonesty in injury claims. Be mindful, however, that accessing such information about the other party often requires legal processes and should be handled by your attorney.

For example, imagine you are involved in an accident where the other driver claims severe back injuries. However, shortly after the accident, they post pictures on social media of themselves engaging in activities like heavy lifting or practicing their swing at the batting cage. Such discrepancies can be pivotal. An attorney can help you gather this social media evidence, which will reduce the believability of the party’s claims.

Similarly, your attorney might hire a professional private investigator. This decision is especially helpful when more subtle investigation is necessary. A private investigator can

  • Conduct surveillance
  • Interview known associates of the other party
  • Gather further evidence that might not be as easily accessible as social media posts.

For example, if the other driver claims to be too injured to work, but the investigator provides video evidence of them handling their normal physical workload contrary to their claims, this can significantly strengthen your case. By leveraging these strategies and others, your attorney can help you establish the actual facts of the case.

Tackling False Insurance Claims

Insurance fraud, which includes making false claims about a car accident, is a serious offense in Oklahoma. Under Oklahoma Statutes Title 21. Crimes and Punishments § 1662, it is a felony to knowingly provide false information to insurance companies with the intent to deceive. If you suspect insurance fraud, report it to your own insurance company and consult with your lawyer to discuss further legal steps, which might include initiating a fraud investigation.

The Possibility of Criminal Charges

Taking Legal Action for False Car Accident Claims in Oklahoma image 2In instances where someone has blatantly lied about a car accident, there is the potential for criminal charges of perjury. Perjury, which is lying under oath, is a felony in Oklahoma (Oklahoma Statutes Title 21. Crimes and Punishments § 491). While it’s more common in court cases, the threat of perjury charges can be a significant deterrent against lying in legal depositions and statements during the claims process with an insurer and the other party.

Furthermore, under Oklahoma law, making a false police report about a car accident is a serious offense and can lead to significant legal consequences. According to Oklahoma Statutes Title 21, Section 589, anyone who willfully and falsely reports a crime to law enforcement that they know did not occur is guilty of a misdemeanor. This includes reporting false details about a car accident, such as fabricating the circumstances of the incident or falsely claiming injuries or damages.

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