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Dealing with the insurance company after an accident can be stressful and emotionally draining. You could recover the settlement you’re entitled to by understanding how insurance adjusters think and the tricks they use to deny or reduce claims. But you don’t have to take their bullying. Here’s how to Scare an Insurance Adjuster.

Below, you will find helpful information about insurance adjuster tactics and actions you should avoid after an accident.

Common Scare Tactics Insurance Adjusters Use 

When you file a claim, an insurance adjuster will review the evidence to determine liability and evaluate your losses. Remembering they are not on your side is essential. They want to avoid a significant payout. They might look for ways to blame you for the accident or minimize the value of your claim to save money. The ultimate goal is to offer the lowest possible settlement or deny the claim entirely.

Common tactics used by insurance adjusters include:

  • Scheduling an independent medical examination – An independent medical examination (IME) is an appointment often required by insurers to evaluate someone’s injury. The insurance company chooses a doctor to determine whether your initial diagnosis is accurate. The appointment isn’t optional. If you don’t show up, it can negatively affect your claim. Preparation is crucial. You must discuss every symptom and whether your injury impacts your normal faculties. However, you should be honest. Downplaying or exaggerating the severity of your condition won’t work in your favor.
  • Delaying the process – The insurance adjuster might not promptly answer your calls or respond to your emails. They use this tactic to frustrate you, so you’ll give up on your claim. They hope you don’t want to continue with the claim or accept a low settlement offer to put this challenging experience behind you.
  • Asking pointed questions – Insurance adjusters contact accident victims to discuss the incident. They want to know the extent of the injury, the cause of the accident, and other information. However, the adjuster might ask close-ended questions preventing you from elaborating on your answer. They might also trick you into saying something that can hurt your claim.

Scare Tactics: Don’t Talk to the Adjuster 

You shouldn’t talk to the insurance adjuster about your claim. However, you might be tempted to explain what happened if they accused you of causing the accident. They will likely use scare tactics to intimidate you into giving them details they want, even though you’re not legally obligated to talk to them.

Insurance adjusters often request a recorded statement. That involves a recorded conversation about the accident. The problem with this is what you say becomes evidence. If you get flustered and offer damaging information, the adjuster can use it against you.

State law does not require recorded statements with someone else’s insurance company. Remembering your rights is crucial if they suggest it’s a requirement or try to convince you to comply with their request.

You can politely decline to speak with them if they call. Inform them you hired a lawyer or hire one immediately after the call so they can discuss the case with the adjuster on your behalf.

What to Avoid After an Accident 

Some things are best left unsaid after an accident. You shouldn’t admit fault or apologize for what happened. An apology is often considered an admission of guilt. The insurance adjuster will likely hold you responsible for your injury and deny your claim.

The adjuster might ask you to sign a HIPAA form or other documentation to obtain copies of your records. However, you don’t have to send your medical records to the insurance adjuster until you submit a demand letter. If you sign a medical authorization, the adjuster can request copies of records dating back to before the incident. They might find a preexisting condition and argue that your injury isn’t new.

Social media might be prevalent in your daily life. You post regularly to keep your friends and family informed. However, you should avoid social media altogether during your ongoing claim. Most people don’t know that insurance adjusters browse the internet for public information they can use against accident victims.

What Can You Do to Scare the Adjuster? 

You should receive compensation to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other losses. Knowing the insurance adjuster’s tactics ahead of time can allow you to show you’re not intimidated. They might switch to a different strategy but could decide settling is their best option to avoid litigation.

However, the thing you can do that will most frighten the insurance adjuster is engage an aggressive, experienced personal injury attorney from Abel Law Firm. We know their tactics and have experience in turning the tables on them and getting our clients the money they deserve.

Abel Law Firm has fought for injured clients for over 45 years. We will protect your rights and aggressively pursue maximum compensation for you. Call us at (405) 239-7046 for a consultation with an experienced Oklahoma City personal injury lawyer if you sustained injuries in an accident due to someone else’s negligence.

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The Journal Record 2023 Reader Rankings - Top Winner - Abel Law Firm - Best Peronal Injury Law Firm

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