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Dealing with a Misdiagnosis

When individuals take the time to visit a medical professional, they have the right to expect prompt and exceptional treatment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Doctors are not infallible, and there have been many cases in which medical professionals have misdiagnosed illnesses to the detriment of their patients.

Not only can a wrongful diagnosis have devastating consequences for the patient’s long-term health, but it can also result in extended or additional treatments that can add to the overall cost of medical care.

Dangers of a Wrongful Diagnosis

Medical professionals have an enormous responsibility to treat patients properly. When they fail to uphold this responsibility, the consequences can be devastating. A wrong diagnosis can precipitate a number of health risks and time-consuming inconveniences, including:

  • Prolonged injury or illness
  • Extended recovery process
  • Improper treatment
  • Delayed treatment
  • Wrong medication
  • Additional medical costs

At the Abel Law Firm, our experienced lawyers are dedicated to holding medical professionals responsible for misdiagnoses, and we work to ensure that you are not financially responsible for any unnecessary costs their negligence incurred.

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