The Dangers of Anesthesia

Imagine having only a small block of wood to bite down on during a surgery where you are wide awake and not anesthetized at all. Other early methods of anesthesia included chewing on coca leaves, drinking alcohol, and taking opium. However, it was not until 1842 that a doctor successfully performed a surgery using modern-day chemical anesthesia.

Now, we utilize anesthesia for a number of different processes that may cause pain. Local anesthesia leaves you awake with only a specific part of your body numbed. Regional anesthesia works on an entire portion of your body, such as one whole leg or arm. While you can be left awake with regional anesthesia, doctors may administer a sedative to keep you from becoming antsy during the surgery. Lastly, general anesthesia puts you into a deep sleep so that you are completely oblivious to the operation.

While there are millions of people who are extremely thankful for the way that anesthetics block pain and even awareness, there are others who have suffered from the detrimental side effects that can occur. Personal factors like age and medical conditions can affect the way anesthesia will react with your body, and an anesthesiologist needs to take those into account, as well as other vitals such as your weight.

However, the more anesthesia you receive, the more you are at risk for having complications. Anesthesia can cause the following problems:

  • Local – breathing and circulatory problems, allergic reactions
  • Regional – long-term nerve damage, infection, bruising, heart or lung issues
  • General – problems with aspiration, irregular heart rate, stroke, heart attack

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All medical staff, including anesthesiologists, should perform with the utmost level of attention and care to help prevent medical accidents from occurring. However, negligence can cause a person to suffer from things like anesthesia-related health issues.

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